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Financial Services

For the financial services industry, the need to enhance the customer experience, achieve greater operating efficiencies to remain competitive, and comply with more stringent regulatory and compliance requirements have been key drivers of the increased interest in digital transformation in recent years. In addition to delivering faster processing speeds and reducing incidences of human error, automated processes produce a complete audit trail aligned with compliance, enhanced data-processing accuracy, cost savings and an increase in employee productivity.

Enterprise Companies

Continuous improvement and automation are top  for organizations exploring RPA. In comparison to expensive AI solutions, bots are typically low-cost and easy to implement, requiring no custom software or deep integrations. As such, they remain an accessible piece of IT infrastructure.

Emerging Technology

More CIOs are turning to an emerging technology practice called robotic process automation (RPA) to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. With RPA, businesses can automate mundane rules-based business processes, enabling business users to devote more time to serving customers or other higher-value work.

Retail Products

Retail is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide, however, many of the manual processes within it are very expensive and time consuming, requiring huge amounts of effort which could be directed at more productive activities. Software automation can be trained to perform a variety of manual retail data processing activities, at a much faster pace and complete them without error.

Invoice Automation

Cloud based invoice automation solutions for any business
Automate and streamline invoice processing and benefit from faster end-to-end processing time, cost savings, greater control and visibility and better cash management.

Every office receives paper and electronic invoices – all of which initiates ether a manual or automated workflow. Rapidly processing invoices can result in money saved for the firm – for example, by taking advantage of discounts for early payment. Time-consuming and labour-intensive processes have the opposite effect – resulting in money lost due to late or missing payments, unhappy vendors and frustrated customers.

Enable clients in any location to skip the post and route documents directly to your company’s client or partner portal from any scanner, MFP, smartphone or tablet, via a cost-effective, pay per scan model.

With our rapid deployment capabilities, your company can quickly reduce processing costs, improve operational productivity and achieve rapid ROI. Learn more about our flexible, cost-effective solutions.


Our invoice automation solutions are cost-effective for any business and scalable for any document volume. Paper invoices are scanned and converted to digital format. Content in electronic format – like email or text attachments – is also captured and recognised as an incoming invoice. Relevant data – like invoice number, customer name or amount – is identified and indexed. Data is then exported into the relevant back-office system – such as Sage, SAP, Oracle or bespoke financial application – progressing the invoice further for review, approval and payment.

Digital Mailroom

Digital mailroom solutions – from small businesses to large enterprises Are you tired of waiting for paperwork to reach your desk?

Instead, capture information immediately upon receipt by digitizing documents and automating your processes at your “front door” – the mailroom. 

Commercial Business delivers solutions to digitise and automate any mailroom environment – scalable from small companies and branch offices to central mailrooms in the largest organisations.

Overall Benefits of a Digital Mailroom:

  • Ensure secure and confidential handling for time-critical, sensitive information such as legal and government post.
  • Improve “book to bill” time for processing sales contracts and purchase orders
  •  Reduce processing time for new account applications, invoices and contracts.
  •  Deliver post instantly to employees who are out of the office.
  • Reroute post based on pre-defined rules when the original recipient is ill or on holiday.
  • Enable clients in any location to skip the post and route documents directly to your company’s client or partner portal from any scanner, MFP, smartphone or tablet, via a cost-effective, pay per scan model.


• Delayed, lost or misplaced incoming post
• Unmanaged post sitting on desks or in mailboxes when recipient is on holiday or business travel
• Costs for manual handling, sorting and delivery of post to intended recipients


  • Scan all incoming post and send the digital documents to recipients from the office manager’s desk or directly from the mailroom. Exception-handling limited to a select number of documents which cannot be scanned for legal or other reasons.
  • Classify documents according to document type (such as invoice, CV, contract, order).
  • Easily index key information (like date, customer number or invoice amount) either directly from the panel on a network scanner or from a PC.
  • Scan to Email, Office (Excel or Word) or SharePoint.
  • Integrate seamlessly into ERP, ECM or CRM platforms or any back-office system

customer services

Streamline document-centric, time-and-information sensitive processes across your bank, brokerage firm or financial services company.

From client-facing services for new account opening, loan processing and mortgage handling to administration for human resources and accounts payable, Commercial Business Automation has years of experience in delivering secure, cost-effective advanced scanning, capture and process solutions custom-built for the unique needs of financial services organizations..

Overall Benefits:

  • Streamline new account opening – for a bank account, loan, mortgage or credit application
  • Capture information directly at the source of its creation and route it directly to the appropriate person or to a back office platform – eliminating paperwork and processing delays
  • Reduce operating expenses by taking cost out of inefficient, manual processes
  • Deliver better service at the start of a new client relationship, improving customer engagement
  • One platform to scan, capture, manage and process all information – providing a single point of truth for business critical data
  • Completely secure technology and auditable processes for managing data – fully compliant with business and industry regulatory requirements


  • Manual handling of client files for reviews and approvals delays time-critical processes
  • Paper-based processes place sensitive client information at risk if documents are able to be viewed or handled by unauthorized personnel
  • Repeat office visits to deliver additional documents for new accounts, mortgages or loans can be frustrating for clients
  • New regulatory or compliance requirements create additional tasks which – if not properly integrated with existing processes – can be burdensome for employees


  • Robust, best-of breed scanners for branch, departmental or centralized scanning
  • Multi-channel, advanced capture technology for onboarding, classifying, indexing, routing and processing client files and other documents – all managed via a single platform
  • Export data seamlessly and securely into any workflow, finance platform or business system
  • Fully integrated with MS Office Suite, including SharePoint and Office 365
  • Powerful dashboards and analytics, enabling real-time access to customer and internal data
  • Mobile capture enables documents and data to be captured in the field, securely uploaded and instantly available in critical business systems

HR Records Management

HR team need document management solutions that not only help manage the information involved but are also flexible enough to work across multiple locations.

 Our HR solutions assist organisations by improving the management of their employee information.

Data Protection Compliance

  • Search and retrieve, quickly and securely.
  • Tight user-access control.
  • Schedule retention, retrieval and destruction of critical information.

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